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Scholarship for Poor and Meritorious Students
Help for Poor   Every year poor and meritorious students are selected from various schools and awarded scholarship/financial help.
Help for Poor
Shri Vipul Goel, Industries Minister, Haryana Government, distributing scholarship to a poor and meritorious girl child.

Help for Poor
  "On earth there is no purifier as great as knowledge"-Bhagwat Geeta ,IV/38.Therefore for NGO, working in the field of Education is not only important but also very sacred work from humanitarian point of view. Our thought started searching effective steps of work in the field of Education. There are many Private and Govt. Schools, colleges and professional institutions available in the country. Hence starting and running an another school/ college may not the requirement of the time and otherwise also is an very involved job. Therefore, a group of intellectual class of our NGO decided to help and encourage the students of downtrodden class of the society in the area of education.

We decided to select meritorious students from poor class of society and encourage them by recognising their merit and awarding scholarships every year. With this mission our NGO has been selecting every year about forty to fifty students(Boys and Girls) from Government schools and encouraging them by recognising their merit and awarding scholarship. The reason for selecting students from Govt. Schools is, because of wards of down trodden class of society in general go to Govt. schools for education. The process of selecting poor and meritorious students is as follows:

Initially we send request letters to Principal of various Govt. Schools to forward the name of deserving students in specially designed application format with Criteria-Class VI th To XII th ,Minimum Marks in last annual Examination-60%, annual Parent Income less than Rs 1.20 lacs . After receiving applications from students recommended by principal of schools, we issue interview letters for students meeting our criteria and send it through their schools .We ask the students to bring their original last annual examination marks sheet and come with Father/Mother/Guardian for interview. A selection committee of our NGO comprising highly intellectual class of people interview students along with their Father/Mother/Guardian and select the deserving students. The main idea of conducting the interviews is to ascertain the interest of student in his / her studies and also to find out the general conditions of their homes to assess the financial conditions.

Dr. D.K. Tuli,Dr. B. Basu,Dr A K Gupta (All retired Executive Directors from Indian Oil Corpn. Ltd., R&D Center, Faridabad),Mr. A K Mishra, A scientist and former DGM of IOCL, R&D Center , Dr S P Dubey, Founder& Coordinator of our NGO, former Director of an Engineering College, former DGM of IOCL,R&D Center and President of our NGO are the members of selection committee. Deserving students based on their performance in interview ,performance in their school in their last annual examination and their parent financial condition are selected. The selected Students are asked to attend Scholarship distribution function organised by our NGO along with their parent/guardian. Social workers, Govt. Representatives, people of society are also invited to attend above function. In the presence of such an audience students merit is announced and scholarship is awarded. They are also told about value of education and for qualities of a good citizen. With our above efforts many students have become engineers, charted Accountants and many have acquired graduate and post graduate degree. Girl students are given preference as their parents tend to marry then off if they are not continuing with education.

Friends, we all do so much for our children's education but society demands that we can extend some help to students who are bright but do not get chance to get higher education because of the financial conditions of their parents .For this noble cause we appeal to people to donate generously and take pride of serving needy person and in turn serving our motherland. The financial records of the society are audited every year and we ensure absolute transparency .