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Mrs. Priya Srivastava
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Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development
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Technology for poverty alleviation
The Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development (CTSD) is a not- for- profit institution bringing together scientists, engineers, economists to address long term technological issues in the context of sustainable development.

Sustainable development will require the inter-disciplinary efforts to create appropriate technologies. CTSD plans initiatives to identify the technology which need to be developed or promoted as appropriate for sustainable development of Indian rural and urban life and accordingly initiate programs in close association with academic institutions and industry. CTSD also plans to act as catalyst for integration of new scientific research and development with the economic and social policy of the Government for implementation.

The CTSD is affiliated with an N.G.O- Adarsh Samaj Sahayog Samiti (Regd.) which itself is a not- for- profit N.G.O serving in the interest of community by raising private funding for its various community development programmes. The samiti is registered with Government of Haryana on all India basis, with Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs under foreign contribution regulation Act(FCRA), with Income tax department under section 12-A and 80-G.

The CTSD recognizes that the planing for sustainable development will require significant changes in our technologies and the infrastructure that supports them. As we are overwhelmed with today's environmental issues, tomorrow will bring new technologies with new environmental consequences of their own. CTSD provides a scientific platform to address such issues.

Many areas will require long range scientific, technical and economic research which very few institutions - privates or public are capable to undertake in the country. There is a considerable interest in developing new technologies for alternative energy and for environment issues in corporate sector, but the requirements of profitability tends to narrow the focus of internally funded corporate research favoring short term projects. Even the Govt. funding available to universities and national laboratories in India lacks the long term vision so far as the technology focus is concerned. More over the urban societies to some extent are more organized and therefore grab the lion's share of the meager govt. funds allocated to long term research. Development of the technologies for sustainable growth of rural base is certainly neglected. CTSD therefore plans to accord priority to the technology development for rural base in it various programmes.

The CTSD seeks funding to create endowments that will help bring scientists and engineers to CTSD to help maintain focus on long term research and development issues. Support for post- graduate education is planned where students are engaged in research on problems of sustainable development. Seminars, conferences and workshops on the scientific, technological and socio-economic issues for sustainability are important areas of the activities of CTSD.

You can contribute in many ways in the activities of CTSD. You can actively use the CTSD platform to air your views on issues concerning sustainable development. You can also help CTSD to identify the projects to work on. You can also contribute to CTSD endowment fund and can sponsor other activities.

All donations have income tax exemption under 80-G.
To publicize and implement the fuel efficient Lighting Devices, Gasifier, Biogas Plant and Solar appliances
Plantation of Petro-Crop for production of Bio-diesel and related issues.
Setting up the Rural Technology Demonstration cum Training Centres.
To develop a small engine (diesel / multifuel based) for the use of agriculture purposes in villages.
To popularize Solar Water disinfection for rural areas.
To act as catalyst in the area of mini hydroelectric power generation with the help of govt./ govt. agencies
Preventive /Curative health service related work (Plantation of Medicinal/ herbal plants and their popularization).
To popularize advanced technology in the field of agriculture and Dairy (Wormy culture and organic cultivation etc.).
To empower villagers for self-trading of agriculture products.
Channelising the govt. initiative for employment generation for rural masses.
To work in the area of Air quality monitoring, health effects and pollution control.
Intelligent Transportation System for Traffic management.
To create awareness for Green house effect and climate change and programme on tree plantation etc.
To work in the area of biodegradable plastics.
Waste / effluent treatment & management.
Popularization of eco-friendly technology (such as bitumen emulsion etc.)
Work in direction of making Adarsh (ideal) cities.
Setting up of Rural Technology Development Centre
Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development (CTSD), a scientific wing of Adarsh Samaj Sahayog Samiti has set up a Rural Technology Development Centre (RTDC) at Lingaya Institute of Management & Technology (LIMAT), Faridabad with the help of National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) and Khadi Village industry Corporation (KVIC), both Government of India Undertaking. The purpose of setting up of RTDC at LIMAT is to give demonstration and training on technology useful for generating the self-employment for the rural people. The RTDC was inaugurated by Managing Director of NRDC, Shri N.K Sharma on 23rd August 2004
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Contact Persons :
Dr. G.K. Sharma, Advisor
Dr. S.P. Dubey, Founder and Co-ordinator
Phone: 9717079558 ,9873342449
Correspondence Address: 909, Sector 9, Faridabad-121 006, Haryana, India