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NGO India Social work and Welfare Activities
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Regd. Office:
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti
909, Sector-9,
Faridabad-121006, Haryana, India
Phone: 91-129-2295672, 9873342449, 9717079558

Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development
Some of our Social Welfare Activities includes:
Child Marriages
Child Marriage   In many states of our country including delhi, child marriages at the age of below 10 years are taking place. Our samiti is working for eradication of such type of marriages. Under this programme one telecast was made on INDIA TV on 4th and 5th of January, 2006. Furture more telecast by electronic media is being planned.
Adult Education
Adult Education   The Samiti has a regular programme for providing basic education to the adults.
Scholarship for Poor and Meritorious Students
Help for Poor   Every year poor and meritorious students are selected from various schools and awarded scholarship/financial help.
Distribution of study material to Poor students
Study Material to Poor Students   Books, copies etc. are distributed to poor students of slum areas.
Establishment of Free Medical centre
Free Medical Care   A free medical Centre for the residents of slum area is run. Free consultation and medicines are provided to the needy people.
Blood Donation Camp
Blood Donation Camp   Time to time, Samiti organises Blood Donation Camps.
Other Health Services
Health Services   Yoga & Stress management Courses are organised by Samiti time to time.
Moral and Self confidence building activities:
The Samiti time to time organises discussions on "Moral and self confidence building activities" for the benefit of the common people of the society.
Financial help for Medical Treatment:
Financial help is provided to poor and helpless people for treatment of serious and expensive diseases.
Distribution of warm Clothes
Warm Clothes Distribution   Every year in winter season, warm clothes and blankets are distributed to the disables, widows, poor and old people.
Relief work in natural Calamities
Relief Work   Relief work is generally undertaken by Samiti in case of natural calamities, flood, earthquake, drought, accidents etc.
Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation   Samiti organises tree plantation work under pollution control programme.
Campaign for Pollution Control
Pollution Control Activities   Time to time, Samiti campaign for regular emission check of vehicles.
Publication of Souvenir - ABHIYAAN
Other welfare activities   The Samiti publishes a souvenir giving details of its achievement and other related issues of social service once in two years. This publication has been named as ABHIYAAN. More information about the activities of the Samiti can be had from the souvenir. You can request a copy of ABHIYAAN by filling contact us form
Ambulance services
Ambulance Service   An ambulance service is carried out for the help of patients on nominal charge. Poor patients for government hospitals are given preference for availing the service.
Help for marriages of Poor girls
Help for Marriages of Poor Girls   Financial help is provided to poor girl who has lost her father and mother doesn’t have sufficient means for supporting the family.
Help to poor patients
Financial help is provided to poor patients who are suffering from T.B., Cancer, Heart attack and AIDS like serious diseases.
Scientific Work
Scientific Work

Village Development
  At Rural Technology Development Centre set up jointly by Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development and Lingaya’s Institute of Management and Technology, Nachalui, Faridabad, Haryana, different type of scientific work for the benefit of small farmers and village artisan are carried out.

Time to time training is given to village people on leaf cup making machine, rope making machine (donated by NRDC), energy efficient domestic appliances, water qualities etc.
Village people are trained on Jatropa plantation, transestrification bio-diesel and its uses on bio-diesel plant and other related equipments set up by the financial help of NRDC.
Farmers are trained on Burmiculture under the rural development program.
A scientific development of animal driven prime mover with the financial help of PCRA carried out for the benefit of small farmers. With the help of a pair of bullocks water pump for irrigation, battery charging for running alternator, mechanical arrangement for running flour grinding machine, small oil expeller etc. can be operated.

Workshop and Seminar
Workshop and Seminars   Workshop and seminar related to sustainable development for rural and urban area are organized time to time. So far two national seminars and two workshops have been organized.